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Estevan Tuna
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Market on
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low 2016 catches.

Customers Rave About Our Gourmet Tuna and Salmon...

"...just love it."

Thanks for checking in.  Yes, we have tried the tuna and just love it.  It's great plain on a salad or in tuna salad.  I love that it's not salty and that the tops have pull tabs.   We will definitely be giving some as gifts and reordering.  It's wonderful.  If you would like to use this as a testimonial, that would be great.

From Portland, Oregon

"...both so delicious!"

Hello Diane- The salmon and tuna are both so delicious! We ran out of the tuna and my 12yr old son had been begging me to order more. I will order more salmon soon!

Thank you so much!

Melanie from Texas

"Super fast service and delivery."

Just wanted to let you know the tuna and salmon arrived today.  Super fast service and delivery.
Thanks very much.


"...enjoying... for several years"

Hi Bruce, My husband and I have been enjoying your excellent tuna (frozen and canned) for several years and when we ordered this time we included a case of Alaska sockeye.  We opened a tin last night and it was delicious.  Haven't had salmon this good that was not home canned.  Wonderful!


"...it's wonderful."

Hello, got the shipment, thank you, so far I've had the tuna, and it's wonderful.

from Toronto

"...he rants and raves about it."

Just wanted you to know that your tuna is the BEST.

Tks for such quick service Bruce…..The salmon is a special request from my father who has nothing but good things to say about the canned salmon. Hard to get the quality you provide out there. Gave him a case for Christmas last year and doing the same this year. Besides what does one buy a fella in his mid 80’s especially when he rants and raves about it.   Tks again..  


"...your tuna is the BEST."

Just wanted you to know that your tuna is the BEST.

Don Morris, Mississippi, USA

"SO good ...like really really good!"

WOW......just got my order and am having the salmon !!!  SO good.......like really really good!


Tuna fishers discover glass float at sea
Catch of the day- click for larger.

"Excited to get their order..."

Hi Bruce & Dianne,
Just a quick note to thank you for all the tuna, salmon & oysters. The last 2 cases have just been picked up, and everyone was excited to get their order.

Have a lovely Christmas & New Year.

Best wishes from Quesnel,

"Tuna Problem"

Hello Bruce & Diane
Thank you for a quality product. Since our 2 cases arrived, some months ago, we have been sharing the Estevan name with our friends. They also enjoy the taste and quality of our tuna. Therein lies the problem. Whenever we have guests and we mention the great tuna we acquired, we have to supply a tin when they leave. Our supply is dwindling and and my question is: do you have a sufficient supply to last the rest of the Winter, or will we have to wait for the next tuna fishing season before ordering more???

We really are enjoying the tuna. It is so much better than the offshore brands we had in the past and, darnit, it is Canadian.

Gerry & Flo, Strathmore, Alberta.

"Your tuna is the BEST..."

Thanks SO much Bruce! Your tuna is the BEST and I tell everyone I know about it!  All of our kids are getting a case of it for Christmas!
Norine McLennan

Subject: Great Tuna

My husband brought home 12 cans just before Christmas. Of course I thought, “How good can it be?”

Hate to say it but he was right. We’ll be back for more.

Easy Ordering...

The order page was as easy as can be. Also, thanks for not doing that annoying thing some order pages do, making you fill out your address when paypal is going to tell you anyways.

I have bought your tuna before, it s great.

"...will fight til the death for the smoked tuna!"

We are loving the tuna - it is fantastic.  My husband will fight til the death for the smoked tuna!  Thanks for asking!
Jess and Sandi, Walla Walla, Washington, USA

Elyse Resch buys...

Elyse Resch, the noted nutritionist and co-author in Santa Monica, has just ordered her 6th case of our BC Tuna...

"Not just "nice" but HOLY SMOKES GOOD!"


Just tried your Solid White Smoked Albacore. My wife had bought a selection of your products at the Farmer's market at the crossroads.

Holy smokes! Is it ever good! Not just "nice" but HOLY SMOKES GOOD!

Thanks for making such a fine product, we'll be buying more shortly. My wife liked it very much as well.

best regards, love your boat,

Erik de Vries
Cowichan Bay

"...worth having shipped across the country!"

Thanks! It's so much better than the grocery store tuna that it's worth having it shipped across the Country. :)

FANTASTIC!!!! ...you have a customer for life...

Hi Bruce .. Received order of your Tuna this evening and proceeded to open the olive oil one, FANTASTIC!!!! no more Taiwan Tuna for us, you have a customer for life, DON'T RUN OUT!! Thanks Ray B.

On Thursday, Bruce Devereux wrote: > Hello// Your Tuna order set by Canada Post, thanks Bruce > Also you overpaid on shipping, it's $15.00 anywhere in B.C. $ 10.00 is in envelope in the case

"I can't be without your fantastic tuna..."

Subject: Vancouver Christmas market
Hi there Will you be at the Christmas market on the 17th? I need 2 cases of the mixed. But it sounds like you guys are busy so maybe I should pre order this time? I can't be without your fantastic tuna for much longer!
Tunaless in North Vancouver.

"...absolutely the best canned tuna... so delicious..."

Subject: Re: Estevan Tuna
Thank you!  This is my first order, but I originally bought at the White Rock Farmers’ Market... put the cans away somewhere safe and finally found them!  This is absolutely the best canned tuna... so delicious I had to track you down to order more!!!  
Spreading the word!  
Shana Dunn

"...wonderful products."

Subject: Re: estevan tuna
Yes, everyone is very happy. Thank you again for your helpfulness and your wonderful products. I can't wait for sushi.
Bowen Island Buyers Group

"...then I tasted some. Oh my."

Smoked Tuna from Estevan Tuna Co.
The first time I saw Bruce selling his cans of tuna a few years ago, I couldn’t understand what the fuss was about. “It’s just a can of tuna,” I thought. “Why are people lining up and buying it by the case?”

And then I tasted some. Oh my.

The smoked albacore tuna is so good I’ve been known to stand in my kitchen and eat it straight out of the can when no one is looking. They also sell regular, olive oil, and no salt added varieties, and you can mix and match to get a case at a discounted price. We buy at least one case every summer to dole out as treasured gifts to our foodie family and friends.

Bruce isn’t at the market every week, since he’s often out fishing, so check the market schedule or follow Bruce on twitter to know when he’ll be downtown.

Editor’s Note: Smoked albacore tuna is the only kind my daughter will eat, and I pack it in her school lunch. Spoiled? Maybe – but I have to agree that it’s pretty tasty. Also, unlike other tuna, BC albacore tuna is low in mercury, so it’s safe for children, and pregnant and breastfeeding women.
From: http://www.vancouvermom.ca/eats/five-favourites-west-end-farmers-market

"You have a great product."

Howdy and good day, I found your website very interesting. I thought it would be fun to go out fishing on the ocean until I saw the grey pictures. Sorry but waving wheat fields are the only waves I dare challenge. Anyway you have a great product. A canned product this good will be used at Christmas for sure. I have no idea what to do (cook) with raw chunk tuna however an old "Dogan" like me raised on prairie fish every friday surely can figure this out. All the very best, Hugh

P.O. BOX 64
S0C 2L0

"Awesome awesome awesome!"

I am writing to ask about the next time you come to the winter market in East Vancouver? You were there two weekends ago. I was so impressed by this fish. It was one of the best meals I can remember last! We ate half of it sashimi style and the other half ponzo style. Awesome awesome awesome!

We looked on the market schedule and your web site for your next visit. No mention of next dates. Could you please send a list of your future visits in the area so I can purchase more of your tuna? I will be at tomorrows market hoping to find you! Thanks again for the tasty experience.

Daniel Salvador De Sousa

"...flavorful and clean to the palate."

I find the tuna so flavorful and clean to the palate. I will be back for more. Thanks so much, Bruce.


"It is the best I have ever tasted."

I bought a case from you at the Christmas Fair in North Saanich. I just paid for an order for my parents on-line for a case. It is the best I have ever tasted. Can you make sure it is sent to them with the instructions provided to Ontario? Regards D. G.
Victoria, BC

NOTE: this order was shipped promptly to Ontario, Canada.

"I went, I saw, I tuna’d."

Subject: RE: Moss Street Market
(Earlier email:) Hi, I spoke with you at the Touch of Saltspring show yesterday at Panorama and asked about your smoked tuna which you’d sold out of. You mentioned that you’d have a rep at the Moss St. Market in Victoria on the 10th and suggested I check your website to confirm but I couldn’t find it so I’m writing to confirm by email. Please advise.   Thanx, Fred
(Answer) Yes we have the smoked canned tuna now, will be at Moss Street (Final) Market on Saturday , www.bctuna.com  thanks bruce
Thank very much Bruce. I went, I saw, I tuna’d.   Merry Christmas, Fred

These rave reviews come from our customers through email and text messages. We enjoy receiving compliments about our tuna; why not send in your testimonial so others can read how great it is. Send a quick note to:

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Solid white albacore tuna on left and solid white smoked albacore tuna on the right.
Solid white albacore tuna cans on the left, and on the right side are solid white smoked albacore tuna cans.

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