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Estevan Tuna
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but not now due to
low 2016 catches.

BC Wild Albacore Tuna.

Welcome to the Estevan BC Tuna web site. We are a family-based fishing business located in the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia specializing in British Columbia Wild Albacore Tuna.

Now stocked with 2017 Albacore Tuna! Lightly Salted, No Added Salt, Organic Olive Oil, and Smoked flavours are now available. Order now!
A slow start, shark bite, hitch-hiking seagulls, cranky stove, and steering problems notwithstanding, fishing effort continues. Read the full report...

Unloading frozen tuna:
   Unloading frozen tuna from fish hold    Unloading tuna at dock

Special: (Canada delivery only) only $5 shipping on 2nd case of a 2-case order!
We catch our tuna in the pristine deep waters of the North Pacific Ocean off the coasts of British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. We harvest and sell premium-quality, chilled, and flash frozen-at-sea Albacore tuna that has been filleted and vacuum-packed in a HAACP approved plant.
New Item!
Introducing more Wild Sockeye!
Due to high demand and limited availability of B.C. canned sockeye, we have now sourced Alaskan Sockeye as well. In our taste tests, we found both excellent.

When Sockeye Salmon are returning to their Rivers of Origin, they don't recognize borders. During the life cycle of the B.C. Nass River sockeye salmon, they migrate into the waters of S.E. Alaska. It is only where they are caught that makes them designated as British Columbian or Alaskan Salmon. So the salmon we offer were caught at the mouth of the Nass River, or in S.E. Alaska.

Now available to our loyal online customers. Read the full Sockeye Salmon story.

Bruce and Dianne Devereux

Many consumers are concerned about their seafood sources today. Buying Estevan Tuna provides you with ultimate traceability at a fair price.

Formerly sold only to discerning restaurants and caterers, our tuna loins and Estevan Tuna label cans are now available for sale online and at Comox Valley, Vancouver and Victoria Farmers' Markets, as well as various shops throughout lower BC. Check the Where to Buy section below for listings.

We are able to sell so competitively priced because there are no middlemen. We catch the fish; we sell the fish. Many consumers are concerned about seafood sources today. Buying our tuna provides you with ultimate traceability as well as a great price.

*Frozen-at-sea tuna is available year round.

Our Products

Gourmet Canned Tuna - in Natural, Smoked, with Olive Oil, or Mixed

Our own premium quality, troll-caught B.C. Albacore tuna is now available in pull-tab cans for extra convenience.

  • Gourmet canned albacore
  • hand-filleted
  • hand-packed
  • pull-top lids
  • REGULAR contains pure albacore tuna and salt  BUY NOW
  • SMOKED contains pure albacore tuna, salt, sugar, spice, and natural hardwood smoke  BUY NOW
  • OLIVE OIL contains pure albacore tuna and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil  BUY NOW.
  • NO SALT ADDED just pure albacore tuna BUY NOW
  • MIXED regular and olive oil added Tuna in cans BUY NOW
  • MIXED regular, smoked and olive oil added Tuna in cans BUY NOW
  • canned at St. Jeans Cannery in Nanaimo, B.C.
  • certified HAACP Process
  • full CFIA approval
  • 100% Canadian Food Product
  • 170 grams (6 oz.) tins
  • available in 24-can cases
  • one case of 24 cans weighs 5.46 kg. or 12 pounds
  • only rave reviews from our customers!
  • click here for secure online ordering

NEW! 1st in Canada! with OLIVE OIL!Try our superior, premium troll-caught canned tuna!

Canned and caught in Canada with organic extra virgin olive oil added. Nothing added except one teaspoon of organic extra virgin olive oil! This gives a more moist tuna meat, and is an excellent healthy choice for your family. Our Tuna has no water or other vegetable oil added. Order some today!

Easy shipping by Canada Post right to your Canadian or USA address. Shipping charges to anywhere in Canada (outside of BC or Alberta) are $25.00 per 24-can case.

Belly and Back Loins
The Albacore tuna that we catch off the British Columbia coast usually weigh between 12 and 20 pounds The fish are quartered lengthways when they are filleted, producing four loins per fish, two belly and two back pieces. All the loins are skinless and will weigh between .75 and 2.0 pounds.

The two belly pieces are rich in valuable Omega-3 fatty acids and are prized for sushi. They may contain a few small bones at the abdominal cavity crease, which are easily felt with the fingers and pulled out or trimmed out in a vertical cut with a small sharp knife. The back pieces are boneless and sometimes preferred for barbecuing because of their more compact triangular shape that doesn't include the belly flap. An equal number of bellies and backs are included in our 25-pound wholesale cases unless custom ordered otherwise. These are available  for box price of $18 per pound in stock now, can be picked up in Vancouver. We supply many independent stores, farm markets, etc. We have wholesale pricing and good shipping rates. Call Bruce or Diane 250-334-7648 or email

What makes our tuna so good?
We catch the younger West Coast albacore which have more natural oils than the more mature, larger white-fleshed tuna processed in the big canneries, so with the tuna we sell, you end up with more fish oil, and more flavor, in the can.

However, the biggest difference between conventional canned tuna and the locally-canned product is how it's cooked. The little guys' "natural" or "raw pack" means it's cooked just once, in the can. Commercial canneries thaw and cook the fish before canning, drain off the oils, then pack it in cans with water or vegetable oil. Then they cook it a second time during processing. Double-cooking hides bruising and other flaws in lower-quality albacore. It turns the albacore a uniform white color, and allows canneries to get more meat off the fish. But there's no comparing the taste. It's such a radical difference between pre-cooked and raw pack.

We believe that our tuna products are the best quality available anywhere. Order our tuna products and try them out, risk free! If, for any reason, you are not satisfied within 60 days of purchase, email us for a Return Authorization Number. Return your item with this number and we will refund your product cost in full (shipping excluded). Order some today!

Hi Bruce I am writing to ask about the next time you come to the winter market at the Wise Hall in East Vancouver? You were there two weekends ago. I was so impressed by this fish. It was one of the best meals I can remember last! We ate half of it sashimi style and the other half ponzo style. Awsome awsome awsome! We looked on the market schedule and your web site for your next visit. No mention of next dates. Could you please send a list of your future visits in the area so I can purchase more of your tuna? I will be at tomorrows market hoping to find you! Thanks again for the tasty experience.   Daniel Salvador De Sousa

More testimonials

For current pricing and orders, please contact us:
or phone Bruce at 250-334-7648. Fax: 250-334-2929

*Our frozen-at-sea tuna is available year round.

Current Tuna Prices

Prices necessarily are affected by the dock price, which changes year to year depending on many factors. International interest in our North Pacific Albacore, which recently achieved Marine Stewardship Council approval, a much higher health rating by the government, and a slow rate of catch this season, has put upward pressure on the base price. This year, the dock price soared by 65%, making a slow year a little more profitable for the fisherman and mitigating higher fuel costs. However, this also means we've had to raise our wholesale and retail prices a bit to reflect the higher base cost. That's life!

The 25 lb. boxes are now in stock with this year's just-caught fish, and are box price of $18 per pound in stock now, can be picked up in Vancouver. We supply many independent stores, farm markets, etc. We have wholesale pricing and good shipping rates. Please give us a call: Bruce or Dianne @ 250-334-7648
Email: or
FAX: 250-334-2929

Nutrition of Wild Tuna

Report on radiation found in tuna.

Nutritionally, British Columbia Albacore Tuna is 100% wild food, high in protein, low in carbohydrates and very high in the "good" fatty acid, Omega-3. They are also packed full of selenium, a heavy-hitting mineral antioxidant that is lacking in most North American diets due to its depletion in the soil by modern agricultural techniques. Nutritional testing is done on a regular basis by the CHMSF (Canadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation). Our tuna has also been given a Health Check rating by the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation Health Check Program.

The albacore tuna that we catch off the West Coast are in the three to four year class, making them relatively young fish. As such, they have very small accumulations of mercury and other contaminants. Mercury analysis carried out regularly by the CHMSF has consistently shown average Mercury levels to be in the 0.1656 parts per million range, 66% below 0.5 ppm set as a regulated acceptable level by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and 83% below USFDA safety standards. These results, combined with those of our American counterpart agency, have resulted in the removal of cautions to pregnant women and children regarding consumption of Albacore tuna from the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program.

The M.V. Estevan is a proud member vessel of the CHMSF's Platinum Quality Control Program. We follow strict criteria for the harvesting and onboard storage of our fish. We use a combination of two barbless hooks inside a colourful hula type skirt forming a jig which resembles a squid, tuna's favourite food. We tow ten of these jigs behind the boat at a speed of about six knots. Once a tuna bites the jig, we haul them astern using hydraulic tuna haulers and bring them aboard individually. The fish are then stunned and bled and placed in a chill tank on deck, which lowers their body temperature to 35°F. Tuna maintain a body temperature 10 to 15 degrees above the ocean temperature so it is important to cool them quickly so they have no time to build up histamines. After two to three hours, the tuna are lowered into the freezer hold and flash frozen to a temperature of -30°F. The Estevan holds about 25,000 pounds, and when the hold is full, we go to shore and unload to a cold storage facility which can keep the tuna at a controlled temperature of -28°F indefinitely. Using these careful criteria ensures the premium quality of our fish every step of the way.

Using surface jig hooks to catch Albacore tuna minimizes ocean environmental impact. With this method there is zero by-catch of dolphin, shark or other species and no impact on the ocean floor. The only species caught on barbless hooks is Albacore tuna.
This selective method of fishing has allowed British Columbia Albacore Tuna to accrue several approvals by very respected organizations:

  • BC Albacore Tuna has been green-listed as a "Best Choice" seafood product on Canada's Seafood Guide, www.seachoice.org
  • It has been approved as a "green fishery" on the Audubon Society's "Good Choice" Seafood Wallet Card.
  • The David Suzuki Foundation has approved our fishery as being sustainable.
  • In 2006, British Columbia Albacore Tuna was accepted by the Ocean Wise Program of the Vancouver Aquarium.
  • The Monterey Bay Aquarium also approves troll-caught Albacore tuna as being environmentally friendly on their "Best Choice for a Healthy Ocean" list.

Cooking Tuna

Our tuna loins (fillets) are sashimi grade, meaning you can slice and eat raw, making them the ultimate convenience meal for health-conscious busy people, or they can be cooked quickly in a variety of ways for virtually everybody!

Tuna can be seared, barbecued, baked, steamed and fried, as well as cured in citrus juice or rolled au naturel in a favourite sushi recipe. Before cooking, tuna should be thoroughly thawed. With a mild taste and a lovely colour that turns from rosy pink to ivory white when cooked, tuna is appealing to children and goes well with a variety of spices. Please refer to our tuna recipes section for some great ideas on how to prepare your tuna.

Tuna Organizations

The Canadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation

In order to ensure top quality within the fishery, the fishing fleet, buyers, processors and marketers formed the Canadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation (CHMSF) in June 2002. Some of their initiatives include:

  • Funding attendance of Federal scientists at international meetings on the management of Albacore Tuna, providing a Canadian voice in the management of tuna and other migratory species in international scientific forums,
  • Initiating the first industry based Mercury Testing Program in 2002
  • Producing the first Canadian Pacific Albacore Tuna Logbooks in 2003 to assist the Department of Fisheries in sustainable Albacore tuna management,
  • Supporting many promotional events for British Columbia Canadian seafood such as "British Columbia Seafood sensations," "Taste of BC" and the "European Seafood Exposition" held in Brussels,
  • Launching the CHMSF Platinum Quality Assurance Program in 2004 with the aim of ensuring safe harvesting and handling of tuna products,
  • Creating a CHMSF Platinum Quality Control Manual for industry use in 2005,
  • Initiating Omega 3 testing in Albacore Tuna as well as expanded mercury testing,
  • Licensing British Columbia Albacore Tuna as a Health Check product in the Heart and Stroke Foundation for Canada Health Check Program.

CHMSF continues to be very active in international scientific and management forums and promotional events educating the public about the health benefits of eating BC Albacore Tuna.

About the CHMSF Platinum Quality Assurance Program

One of the most exciting and worthwhile projects of the CHMSF is the development of the Platinum Quality Assurance Program. Components of the program include the following:

  • Undertaking that Canadian Albacore Tuna continues to be a sustainable fishery under treaty and international management,
  • Mandatory protocols for handling, freezing at sea, and low temperature storage,
  • The use of barbless hooks on troll gear for zero environmental impact on the ocean

The M.V. Estevan is an enthusiastic member of this program.

Where to Buy Tuna

We sell gourmet-quality frozen and canned tuna. You can purchase our gourmet canned tuna in 24-can cases with secure online ordering, for delivery in Canada or USA. Of course, it is easy to ask about our product via our email, phone 250-334-7648, or Fax 250-334-2929. However, if you would like to check it out in person...

Bruce and Dianne Devereux started selling Albacore tuna at the Comox Valley Farmer's Market in the fall of 2006 and have steadily built up a faithful clientele of Albacore tuna aficionados in the past year. Thank-you, loyal customers! Really, once tried, the product sells itself so it has been a fun and rewarding experience for us. The Comox Valley Farmers' Market is a wonderful venue for food-lovers and vendors alike, with a friendly, small-town-square atmosphere, excellent products, knowledgeable source vendors and some great local music. There is everything for sale there from apples to wasabi, delicious baked goods to venison pepperoni and wild-caught salmon, as well, of course, as our premium quality, wild BC Albacore tuna.

Every Saturday we will be at the Comox Valley Farmers Market. April to Thanksgiving, it is located on the grassy field beside the Exhibition Grounds at 4835 Headquarters Road, Courtenay, British Columbia between 9AM and noon. After thanksgiving, this market then moves indoors to the Native Sons Hall at 360 Cliffe Avenue, downtown Courtenay, until the last Saturday before Christmas, and continues in January to April.

The Wednesday summer market is located at the Comox Valley Band Hall, and we will be there in July and August. For more information, visit the web site at www.ComoxValleyFarmersMarket.com

The tuna is available in Courtenay, B.C. at Edible Island in 2017.

BC Tuna sold exclusively by Organic Oceans Seafoods in Vancouver, BC

Other places our tuna is normally available, but because of the low 2016 catches not at present:

  • COMOX: Salish Seafoods
  • CUMBERLAND: Seeds Natural Foods
  • ROYSTON: Royston Mini Mart
  • FANNY BAY: Fanny Bay Seafoods
  • POWELL RIVER: Ecossentials
  • TOFINO: The House of Himwitsa
  • VICTORIA: The Market on Mill Stream
  • MAPLE RIDGE: Bruce's Country Market
  • PENTICTION: Penticton Whole Food Market
  • KELOWNA: Bakers Kitchen
  • VANCOUVER: Organic Oceans Seafoods
  • ABBOTSFORD: Lepps Market
  • SQUAMISH: On the Farm Country Market
    • Pure Bread Bakery
  • CANMORE, ALBERTA: Locavore Foods

Further markets where you can normally purchase Estevan Tuna from Port Hardy Seafoods (but not at present due to low 2016 catches):

  • Burnaby, City Hall parking lot. Saturday 9 a.m.- 2 p.m.  May 5 to end of October
  • New West, at Tipperary Park beside City Hall Thursday, 3-7 p.m. June 7 to October 4.
  • Coquitlam, on Poirier St. Sunday, 9 a.m.- 1 p.m. May 13 to end of October.

For Farmers Markets we are unable to attend:

COQUITLAM,  NEW WESTMINSTER, NORTH DELTA: Wild Wild West Seafoods look for Ron

WHITE ROCK: Fresh off the Boat Seafoods, look for Brandon   

For the latest locations and news, follow us on Twitter:
 Full_logo_white_blue or email:  or


Are there tuna in British Columbia?

Yes, they have always been here, in offshore waters, during the summer months

How far off the coast are Albacore Tuna caught?

Depending on the time of the season Albacore are fished between 50 and 100 miles offshore, in a deep-water open ocean environment. Later in the summer they sometimes follow warm ocean currents to within 10 miles of headlands.

How big are the tuna you catch?

The tuna caught off the West Coast are usually between 12 and 20 pounds. Occasionally larger ones are caught up to 40 pounds.

How big is the boat?

Our boat is 50 feet long, making it a very modest and fuel efficient size for an offshore going vessel.

How many crew are on the boat?

Two or three people are usually on the boat.

When is tuna season?
Albacore Tuna is usually caught between June and October.

I didn't know you could catch tuna in British Columbia. What other varieties are there?

Albacore tuna is the only variety of tuna that is fished commercially in B.C.

Why is tuna not available fresh?

Tuna swim in warm water and their body temperature is above ocean temperature. It is a long way in to offloading facilities on shore; therefore they can spoil quickly. Frozen-at-sea quality is best.

What is Ahi?

Ahi is the Hawaiian word for "tuna" and can refer to a variety of species from skipjack to yellow-fin. Albacore tuna (Thunnus Alalunga) is generally marketed under its specific species name.

M.V. Estevan

Bruce's current boat, the "Estevan", started its career as "Lorraine C" in Newport, Oregon. A Wahl-designed vessel with classic West Coast lines, it was built in 1973 and it was mostly used as an Albacore tuna boat stateside. When Bruce brought it up from Oregon in 2005, it was ready for a major overhaul, which was done with vital body parts from a ship-wrecked sister vessel, "Larissa" from BC. The transformation took place at Shelter Island Marina and the boat was reborn as the "M.V. Estevan", a graceful, solid and serviceable wooden Canadian tuna vessel having an overall length of 50 feet.

Contact for More Information:

CANADIAN ALBACORE TUNA is proudly harvested by over 240 members of the British Columbia tuna fleet and processed in British Columbia, Canada. The CHMSF is currently conducting an international recipe contest; check out their website: http://www.CanadianAlbacoreTuna.com

You can purchase our gourmet canned tuna in 24-can cases with secure online ordering. For current pricing and orders, please contact us:

Bruce at 250-334-7648
Email: or  
Fax: 250-334-2929

*Frozen-at-sea tuna is available year round.

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Call now: 250-334-7648
Email: or

Estevan Tuna Corporation
4098 Gartley Point Road
Courtenay, British Columbia 
V9N 9T2 Canada

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All our Tuna is caught in the Pacific Northwest from Washington, Oregon, and B.C. offshore waters.
  Dolphin-friendly fishing for tuna. Click for larger PDF.
Estevan BC Tuna Poster

New product! Tuna with Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Click to order now.
New product! Canned Tuna with Extra Virgin Olive Oil is first time in Canada! BUY NOW.

Tuna fishers pointing.
Tuna fishers pointing.

Deckhand proudly holding two large fresh tuna.
Deckhand proudly holding two large fresh tuna.

The fishing vessel ESTEVAN in dry dock.
The fishing vessel ESTEVAN in dry dock.

Deckhands holding freshly-caught tuna.
Deckhands holding freshly-caught tuna.

Tuna fishing in the Estevan cockpit.
Tuna fishing in the Estevan cockpit.

ESTEVAN at dockside waiting for th enext tuna run.
ESTEVAN at dockside
waiting for next tuna run.

Dangerous foggy weather with freighters.
Dangerous foggy weather with freighters.

Clear ocean waters while fishing for tuna.
Clear ocean waters.
 Fishing for tuna on a grey day.
Fishing for tuna on a grey day.

Sunset tuna fishing on the Pacific Ocean.
Sunset tuna fishing on the Pacific Ocean.

Freshly-caught tuna - still has tuna jig in mouth.
This tuna was bitten by shark just before
being brought onboard - sharks lurk nearby
 hoping for an easy catch.

Captain and crew of the ESTEVAN.
Captain and crew of the ESTEVAN.

another tuna fishing boat speeds by.
Another tuna fishing boat speeds by.

Extra large tuna being held up by deckhand.
Extra large tuna today!

Close encounter with another tuna boat.
Close encounter with another tuna boat
in rough seas.

Beautiful sunsets on a calm ocean.
Beautiful sunsets on a calm ocean
make tuna fishing wonderful.

Frozen tuna in fish hold.
Frozen tuna in fish hold.

Caught tuna just before hauling into boat.
Caught tuna just before hauling
over back of boat.

Tuna cooling down in cooling checkers.
Tuna cooling down in cooling checkers.

More Tuna Photos

Tuna Blog

Latest correct radiation info regarding all Albacore caught in the Pacific Northwest:

Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2013
Follow up: Radiation in Tuna

Note: Scientists from the BC CENTRE OF DISEASE CONTROL has reviewed results of our recent product testing of Canadian Albacore, has accepted the data and has endorsed it in their report:

Status of Radiological Activity in Japan-FAQ which is available in its entirety here.



 The Canadian Albacore Tuna Association has monitored levels of radioactivity in their products from 2010, the year before the Fukushima (Japan) reactor incident and up to the present.  Both stored product from 2010, and fresh product since the 2011 episode were tested for Iodine-131, Cesium-134 and Cesium-137, three of the main radioactive isotopes released during the reactor incident.

No samples had detectable levels of the radioactive Iodine or Cesium isotopes.

Canadian action levels for radioactivity in foods in situations of nuclear emergency (such as Fukushima) have been defined in Health Canada's Guidelines for 3 food groups: fresh liquid milk, public drinking water, other commercial foods and beverages. The action levels are based on a dose of 1 milliSievert (mSv) accumulated during a nuclear emergency. To put this into perspective, 1 mSv is equivalent to one third ( ) of the dose each individual receives annually from natural radiation. It is also about 2 to 5% of a dose due to an abdominal CT examination in radiology.  Radioactivity in milk, water and food samples is measured in units of Becquerels (Bq); depending on a person's age and the type of radionuclide they may be exposed to, ingesting 1 Bq of radioactive material is equivalent to an internal radiation dose to the body between 1/100,000 and 2/100,000 (0.00001 to 0.00002) of a mSv.

The laboratory limit of detection for the fish samples tested was 0.002 Bq/g.  All samples tested had less than 0.002 Bq/g of Iodine 131, Cesium 134 and Cesium 137.  One kg (2.12 lbs.) of fish at the laboratory limit of detection would be equivalent to less than 2 Becquerels, or to a dose between 0.00002 and 0.00004 mSv. View the Canadian Albacore Tuna Association Report 2013 here or check them out on their Facebook page.

B.C. Provincial Health Authorities Upgrade

Media Release - April 4th, 2011

Canadian Albacore Tuna link Health_Link_BC 

In British Columbia, we are in a unique position in that our Albacore Tuna fleet captures young (2-4 yrs of age) fish almost exclusively, at a unique time in their life, before they have accumulated any significant amount of background mercury.

All Albacore Tuna caught in the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America, have for many years consistently tested amongst the LOWEST in the world for mercury in Albacore Tuna!!

New Recommendations are: Albacore tuna, canned or frozen.
Children 6-24 months No limit on consumption
Children 2-12 yrs No limit on consumption
Girls and Women of Childbearing age, including pregnant and breastfeeding women No limit on consumption
Men {ages 12 and older} and Women after childbearing years No limit on consumption

...more info at www.canadianalbacoretuna.com 

(250) 334-7648